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Our Chocolate-Covered Legacy

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The UK’s Favourite Classic Chocolate

What could be better than crisp honeycombs paired with delicious milk chocolate? Don’t ponder too long - you might miss your mate stealing the last one.

Maltesers advertisement from 1930s showing a figure made from Maltesers pointing to a pack of Maltesers and cups of coffee


Created by Forrest Mars Sr. in 1936, and first sold in 1937, MALTESERS were originally sold in a box—and were first marketed as ‘energy balls.’



In 1954, MALTESERS published advertisements premiering the brand’s latest tagline: “More to Munch.” 


In 2003, White MALTESERS were launched as a Seasonal Limited edition. They quickly became a crowd-favourite, prompting our decision to make them available all year round.

A piece of a Maltesers Teaser on a red spotted background


In 2013, we had shoppers asking: block or ball? And MALTESERS had the answer: both. With the introduction of MALTESERS Teasers, we successfully created fun new ways to enjoy the great taste of our nationwide favourite chocolate.

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Every year in the UK, we sell a total of 187 million MALTESERS Treats, which comes out to six products every second!

Two Maltesers Buttons and a bag of Maltesers on a pink background
Two Maltesers Buttons and a bag of Maltesers on a pink background

Supporting Mums’ Mental Health

We’ve partnered with Comic Relief to support mums and their mental health.

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