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From our ingredients to our history, we love to answer your questions about MALTESERS.


  1. Q:

    Is your chocolate sustainable?


    Since the launch of our Cocoa for Generations strategy in 2018, Mars Wrigley has accelerated its journey toward creating a modern, inclusive and sustainable cocoa supply chain.

    Our goals are centered on protecting children, preserving forests, and improving farmer income. For more information and progress, we invite you to visit our sustainability page.

  2. Q:

    I have a question or a complaint about my Maltesers, who do I contact?


    Please reach out to customer care for further assistance.

  3. Q:

    How are Maltesers made?


    Although this is one of our best-kept secrets, we can tell you, dough is formed into little balls and then baked. These honeycomb centres are then double-coated in chocolate and polished into the delicious treat we all love so much.

  4. Q:

    I’m having trouble finding my favourite Maltesers products. Help!


    All of our current available products can be found by searching on our Where To Buy page.